Wednesday, 20 March 2013

4 Days - Japan!

This is the Internet. I could lie, pretend that I was wearing a whole new spectacular outfit today, covered in tiny prints of seriously happy crustaceans. I could lie, but I won't. Wearing a hoodie with the same outfit from yesterday is the truth... and also easier to draw. Bonus!

Seriously happy crustaceans

So there was an early 5:45am start, getting up to catch the train to Sydney. Much coffee was had, but also an extremely efficient Sydney trip. In to the city and back again by 3pm, which includes the two hour commute each direction.

Last minute cheap travel bags were bought from Paddys Markets. They were a fraction of the cost of going to a reputable bag outlet, so if they only have a fraction of the quality and lasting power of reputable brands I don't care at all. Bags at airports are not handled with precious caution, so for the sake of my wallet I really can't justify the added expense.

Eventually lack of sleep set in, but not before listening to the same song on repeat a thousand times while procrastinating on the Internet and editing my drawing from yesterday to suit today. I'm really not sure what I'm doing with this whole blog comic thing, but may as well use it as more blog than comic while overseas, at least so I can look back and remember things that would otherwise pretty much instantly be forgotten.

Also green tea frappes were bought and they were DELICIOUS.


  1. I've never had green tea frappes. I love green tea, but I've found that things other than tea that are green tea aren't as tasty as actual green tea. Did that make any sense? XD

    1. Totally makes sense to me! Though Green tea frappes are amazing... that or getting Matcha (Green tea powder) and sprinkling it on vanilla ice cream, then mixing it in. SO good :D