Saturday, 23 March 2013

1 Day - Japan!

Well reality has finally kicked in. The frantic packanicking has commenced and surprisingly is almost complete. Then the waiting game begins. Twiddling of thumbs, charging a multitude of gadgets and deciding if that strange feeling in the pit of my stomach is hunger or fear.

Today we took Kenzie the mini dachshund to her fairy dog parents to be looked after. She knew something was up, but couldn't telepathically let me know that she was not ok with this mysterious car ride. Our friends live on a property, so with so many smells to smell and so many cow pats to attempt eating, I'm certain it will be a grand doggie adventure.

I always have grand plans for drawing when travelling, lugging around heavy sketch books and art supplies, often carrying them in a satchel on me at all times, to then not even make a mark on a single page. Will that happen this time? No. I've learnt... I think.

1 comment :

  1. Oh, so that's what Australia looks like. Where are all the kangaroos? ;P I kid, I kid!
    Your pup is absolutely adorable! Have a fun and safe trip :)